Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Association

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One of the benefits of membership in the ISRBA is competing in the Sweepstakes contest.  By showing your rabbits and cavies at ISRBA sanctioned shows, you can earn points.  The points are tallied up and awards given to top placements each year at the Iowa State RBA Convention.  Keep reading for more info about Sweepstakes.

According to the "OFFICIAL SHOW RULES OF THE AMERICAN RABBIT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION, INC." Sweepstakes points are to be calculated as follows; 

"SECTION 2. Special awards on displays shall be made on points: First prize counts as six (6); second, four (4); third, three (3); fourth, two (2)); and fifth, one (1). The number of points won by an animal in a class is calculated by multiplying the number of animals exhibited and judged in the class by the number identified above. For example, for ten (10) animals in a class and the animal in question places second, then 10 times 4 equals 40 total points won by the animal."